About Us

 When you Kill It With Drive, you:

1. Manifest the inner drive necessary to take drastic measures to make drastic change

2. Seek the knowledge and education to grow and expand

3. Want something so bad that despite when everything around you, from situations, obstacles, or even negative people, nothing stops you from pushing forward to achieve it.

4. Have no idea HOW but somehow you know you are going to make it happen.

5. Don’t have time to complain or feel sorry for your self

6. Get up every day and grind towards your goals

7. OWN who you are and are unapologetic about it.

8. Seem super human with your courage and strength to push forwards

9. Push outside your comfort zone 

10. Silence that negative voice within that whispers words of doubt on your goals.

11. When you lack the resources, you learn to become more resourceful.

12. Gain back a part of YOU that you lost over the years.

13. And, most important, NEVER give up on yourself.

Every action you take releases the inner truth within you, and manifests it into reality. 

Courage doesn’t mean you have no fear.  Being courageous means taking action when you ARE afraid. 

Let fear be the fuel, not the excuse. 

Join us in becoming the YOU you always wanted to be.  Never settle for self pity or mediocrity.  Instead, say “Why NOT me?”

Failure is not an option.  

Our Journey Is Your Journey


Michele Welcome and Vassilios Metropoulos